Lessons from a Chewy Bar

An excerpt from the journal of Paige Strahan, Sophomore, Soccer:


“Today Hayley told us about an amazing story. A child named Damian, who is in the orphanage. Hayley gave him a Chewy Bar to eat and said he was so excited because he had never had one before. Instead of eating the whole thing himself he split it up and gave it to his friends without them even asking for it. I really can’t even wrap my head around this story because any normal kid would have hid the chewy bar and then ate the whole thing them self, i would have definitely done that. It’s funny to think that before coming over here I had the vision that I was going to teach them so many new things but here lately I feel like it has been so backwards. Tonight we went out into the village and went hut to hut sharing the name of Jesus. Thankfully every hut I visited had already come to know Jesus.  The last home we visited had a 10 year old daughter that was born normal but as time progressed she slowly became more and more paralyzed. It was so humbling that God chose me to be there to pray for her. Mallory, Hayley and I all got on our knees surrounding the little girl praying for God’s will to be done. I will never be able to put into words the exact feeling of that moment but I know it will live with me forever.”

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