Day 4 in Uganda!

This morning, a couple of the people on our team woke up not feeling too great, but they did not let that stop them as we headed to the secondary school to paint the boys’ dormitory.  We painted the entry way and the long, narrow room that holds the bunk-beds



After painting, we headed back to the guesthouse for lunch.  Then, we went to the babies’ home to teach more fruits of the Spirit.  Kelli and Kellyn taught kindness, and Kaiti and Tory taught about goodness using a skit about the Good Samaritan.  The kids loved it!  Next, we went to the guesthouse where Pastor Smooth from Arise Africa prepared our team to share the Gospel in the village.  It was going to be the first time to evangelize for a lot of our kids.  We headed out into the village where we divided up into groups of about 3-4 with a translator alongside us.  We went from hut to hut talking about Jesus and praying with people.  Many of the people in the village were believers – however, on this day, our team prayed with 9 people to receive Christ for the very first time as their Lord and Savior!  Glory!  It was so much fun to interact with the people in the village.  They were so gracious and kind – and all the children followed along behind us everywhere we went.



Although most of us were nervous, apprehensive, and/or downright scared of evangelizing – at the end of the day, everyone was blessed to the fullest, and it was a time we will never forget!!

From Kelli Hine, Tennis:  “The kingdom grew yesterday as souls were won through You!  From hut to hut we carried Your word, we bore Your cross, we loved with Your heart.  Your children followed hand in hand.  Through prayers through the name of Jesus, Satan was struck down and destroyed.  He became no more.  MY GOD REIGNS!!!”

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  1. Richard Cantrell says:

    I love what you all are doing.


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