Day 3 in Uganda!

The following text is a journal entry from one of our team members, Lexie Chapman, Freshman, Texas Tech University:

“I lied, today was my favorite day!  The morning started out like normal, but this time I tried the pancakes for breakfast, and they were so good too!  These Ugandans know how to cook! Then we went to the secondary school to play games.  We got to spend a lot of time with them today!  They did so good at kickball and were able to pick up volleyball very quickly.  They are so athletic!  It was just a blast because as they would go up to kick the ball, Alexis and I would make up chants/songs with their names.  It was so fun and they loved it!  Then, as we’d switch to the outfield, I’d high-five the kids and just try to constantly encourage them.  They started to encourage each other too!  Because of that we were able to establish a level of commonality: a “we” instead of “us” and “them” mentality.  So as we switched to different games, talking became easier and relationships were built.  One of my favorites is named Gloria.  She’s 14 yrs. old, wants to be a doctor, and has a beautiful singing voice.  I loved that by the time the day was over, we were all hugging.

After lunch, we went to the primary school and taught them about peace and patience.  While walking over, I gave little John a piggyback ride.  After the Bible lesson and craft, we were off to the secondary school again.  We had a worship service, and I got to help lead the songs with Hayley, Minta, Sam, Kelli, and Haley S.  Then, Kelli, Kelsi, and Mary shared their testimonies.  They were all so powerful!  God truly spoke through them.  Then, we closed by splitting up into small groups and praying for each other.  After that, there was a newfound sense of community among all of us.

Oh, and Alexis and I learned today that the “peace” hand sign in America means “I have to potty” in Uganda… wonder they looked at us so funny!!  LOL  It was such a marvelous day.  There is beauty and love all around us.  God is here.


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